Supreme Court’s Decision On Gavin Grimm’s Case Is An Important Victory For Trans Rights

SCOTUS' decision on trans student's rights Gavin Grimm.

On Monday, trans student Gavin Grimm won his fight against discrimination again after the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal that challenged his case. This decision is an important victory for trans rights as over 30 states have introduced anti-trans bills.

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Tennessee: Lawsuit Filed Against Transgender Sports Ban

Groups sued Tennessee school sports ban targeting transgender students.

Amidst a challenging year for transgender students in Tennessee due to a restrictive sports law, advocacy groups have taken a stand, fighting against the barriers and discrimination they face.

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Signs Two Anti-Trans Bills Into Laws

Republican Gov Doug Ducey attacked transgender rights with two new laws.

Governor Doug Ducey has enacted two recently passed bills that specifically impact the transgender community within Arizona.

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Loudoun County School Board Passes Major Inclusive Policy

School district approved new policy for transgender students.

A crucial policy was passed by the Loudoun County School Board aims to safeguard LGBTQ+ students from any instances of discrimination and harassment.

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Senate Committee Passes Transgender Sports Ban In Arizona

Arizona schools could ban transgender girls from playing sports in girls' teams.

Two month ago, I wrote about how the state of Tennessee was passing a bill that would ban transgender girls from playing sports in a team that matches their gender identities. It was a discouraging development, and unfortunately, the situation for transgender rights is no better in Arizona. The Senate Judiciary Committee has just approved a sports participation law, meaning it is one step closer to becoming real.

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Texas Transgender Sports Ban Went Into Effect

Texas trans rights under attack again as trans sports ban came into effect.

In Texas, a recent legislation has been enacted which prohibits transgender young individuals from joining school sports teams that correspond with their gender identity.

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Five Pro-LGBTQ Bills Move Forward In Virginia

Virginia five pro lgbtq bills

The Democratic Party regained the majority of both houses in Virginia in the 2019 election. A few days ago, five pro-LGBTQ bills were introduced to the legislators.

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Arizona Department Of Education Funded LGBTQ+ Books

Arizona LGBT project to create inclusive schools for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer young people.

The Arizona Department of Education recently dedicated coronavirus relief funds to acquire numerous books highlighting LGBTQ+ characters. This decision marks a considerable victory for the LGBTQ community, as it demonstrates a substantial commitment to providing inclusive and supportive resources for young people.

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