The 2019 Taiwan Pride March Was Memorable!

The 2019 Taiwan Pride march.

Taiwan became Asia’s first country to legalize equal marriage on May 24, 2019. Last week’s Pride march was an opportunity to celebrate.

“We hope you have your glad-rags on because this year’s celebration should be a special one after the passing of #SameSexMarriage legislation, with over 200,000 people expected to attend from all over the world!” Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry wrote on its Facebook page.

The 2019 Taiwan Pride march was memorable!

Taiwan is renowned for organizing spectacular LGBTQ Pride marches and this year was no exception as 200,000 people gathered in the streets of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, to celebrate.

It should be noted that participants took the opportunity to send beautiful messages of support for gender diversity by holding up signs like “Good Neighbors,” “Love,” and “Diversity”.

The parade ended in the evening in front of the presidential office. President Tsai-Ing-wen openly supported the March.

Thirty years of battle

Opponents will have tried everything to prevent the legalization of marriage equality and those even after the Taiwan Constitutional Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in 2017.

They first held a referendum on the issue last year and then introduced a bill that was fortunately rejected by Parliament.

But the battle is not over yet. We must continue the fight to achieve full equality because there are still restrictions. Unlike straight married couples, LGBTQ couples do not have the right to adoption.

Taiwan, though, is more than ever a democratic country where there is greater equality.

The legalization of marriage equality is such a major step!

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