The List Of The 2020 Virtual Pride Events

virtual pride 2020

Close to 500 Pride Marches have been postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus according to European Pride Organizers Association’s global list, but more events will be held virtually to celebrate Pride Month.

Depending on where you live, it may not be possible at this time to gather by thousands.

You may be in a country where the situation is almost back to normal, but large gatherings aren’t allowed yet.

Or maybe you’re in South America, which in recent weeks has become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, and so Marches won’t be possible by the end of the month.

With the uncertainty of when this will be possible, it is difficult for organizers to plan an event, as they need to reserve staff, guests, and equipment for the parade and shows.

And I’m not even talking about the fact that organizers are unlikely to appear responsible for creating clusters.

But no virus will stop LGBTQ+ people to celebrate their Pride!

Teams organizing these events have remained in touch during the confinement and set up a virtual LGBTQ+ Pride to celebrate Pride Month in June as usual.

This year is a significant year for our community, as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Pride Marches.

Here’s a summary of this month’s events you may attend.

lqioo audience june 2020

Since you’re now from 122 countries, territories or islands, I can’t list everything :), but feel free to share events as comments below.

Happy Pride Month!!!!

JUNE 2020

  • Every day - Arizona - USA

1 new video per day.

  • Every day - Nashville part 1/2 - USA

Each Thursday, Fabulous cocktail lessons.

Each Friday at 9:00 PM, live entertainment and interviews.

  • Every day - Rhode Island - USA

Virtual events (contests, art galleries, virtual parade, ...).

  • Every Saturday until July 11 - Victoria - Canada

To watch on YouTube at 8 PM.

  • Every day until June 30 - Sydney - Australia

Many events planned.

  • Every day until July 1 - Pride Circle - India

21-day challenge!

  • June 12-14 - Portland - USA

On Zoom and social media, karaoke, speeches, interviews, performances, online Pride Parade.


  • Boston - USA

6-hour virtual concert.

  • Capital Pride in Washington, DC, part 1/2 - USA

Capital Pridemobile & Rainbow Blast will take you through all 8 wards of the district.

  • Alberta - Canada

Aka the Fruit Loop Pride. From 8 PM to 9.30 PM, many live shows.

  • Sofia - Bulgaria

On Facebook, a special online karaoke concert with the participation of some of Bulgaria’s most famous musicians, drag queens, dancers, and special surprises.

  • CSD Bielefeld - Germany

  • Pride Run - UK

A collaboration between Cycling UK, Pride Out, and author Emily Chappel.

To participate:

  1. Wear something rainbow
  2. Mark your ride and your #OurPrideRide photos on social media.
  • June 13-14 - LA Pride - USA

On ABC7, interviews, music, shows.

  • June 13-21 - Shanghai - China

Many events every day!

  • June 14-20 - Saskatoon - Canada

A showcase of film, dance, spoken word, discussions, drag, and musical performances, youth events.

  • June 18-28 - Dublin Digital Pride Festival & Parade - Ireland

Interactive virtual parade the last day and a concert.


  • Seattle Part 1/2 - USA

Drag karaoke, mocktails, and a speaker series.

  • June 19-20 - Unity Pride - UK

With musicians from the community, discussions, and panels.


  • Wareham BiFi Festival - UK

Streaming on Twitch. Debates, entertainment with artists, and an after-party with a DJ!

  • Essex Pride Uploaded - Essex UK

On YouTube, exclusive live shows and messages of support, as well as feedback on some of your favorite moments and past performances at Essex Pride.

  • Houston part 1/3 - USA

Aka Reel Pride

7-hour event of films and documentaries.

  • Toronto - Canada

Aka the Queer Pride Inside

Live streaming on CBC Gem at 9 PM EST. Cabaret events.

  • Torino - Italy

On social media, #LaSicurezzaDeiDiritti #TorinoPride.

JUNE 20-21

  • Chicago Pride Parade - USA

Through Twitch. Shows and music.

  • Denver - USA

Entertaining and educational content.

  • June 22-26 #WorkPride - Worldwide

A global online conference offering a series of events for professionals, graduates, inclusive employers, and all those who believe in equality in the workplace.

  • June 25-27 - Barcelona - Spain

Streaming and online activities.


  • We’re Funny That Way - Canada

Aka the world’s first queer performance festival

Live streaming on CBC Gem at 8 PM EST.


  • Seattle part 2/2 - USA

Virtual youth event on Minecraft Java Edition and Discord.

On and YouTube

The world’s first virtual Pride. 24 hours of speeches, shows, and Pride content with presidents and superstar celebrities from all around the world.

  • June 27-28 - San Francisco - USA

13 hours of drag performances, speeches, and music.


  • NYC - USA

On ABC7, a commemoration of LGBTQ activists of the past decades who have done a lot for the community. Performance by Janelle Monae and Billy Porter.

  • Pride Inside - UK


A collaboration between Amnesty International UK, Black Pride UK, Stonewall, ParaPride with LGBTI+ artists, musicians, actors, DJs, and activists for a series of shows, conferences, and workshops.

  • Madrid Part 1/2 - Spain

Events to celebrate the LGBTQ+ Pride Day.

JULY 2020

  • July 1-5 - Madrid Part 2/2 - Spain

Many events.

  • July 11 - Luxembourg - Luxembourg

On Facebook. Music, DJs, drag performances, and more!

  • July 25 - Houston part 2/3 - USA

Through Zoom. Virtual Human Rights Conference.


  • August 29 - Pride At Home UK - UK

Have a picnic, barbecue, or party at home and share a photo or video on social media on the same day with the hashtag #PrideAtHomeUK.


  • Fall - Houston part 3/3 - USA


  • Fall - Capital Pride in Washington, DC part 2/2 - USA


  • Fall - Nashville part 2/2 - USA


  • October 10 - Atlanta - USA


  • November 7-8 - Phoenix - USA



  • [almost all largest cities] Parades - France


  • Calgary - Canada


  • Vancouver - Canada


  • Montreal - Canada


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