Hayley Kiyoko's Final Single “She” From “I’m Too Sensitive For That Sh*t”

hayley kiyoko she

Hayley Kiyoko has already released four songs from her new EP “I’m Too Sensitive For That Shit” presented as a collection of singles, whose final track is entitled “She.”

Talking about this upcoming collection, Kiyoko says:

“My drive is a big force in my life and it’s a huge strength, but it also drives me crazy. It keeps me up at night. My passion for things can get me really frustrated and disappointed in myself constantly. So I try to write about that and explore that in my music.”

After the release of her debut album “Expectations” in 2018, lesbian singer Hayley Kiyoko wanted to create something new.

The concept of “I’m Too Sensitive For That Sh*t” differs from a classic album or EP since an album is more a group of songs around the same axis whereas this collection gave her more creative freedom.

She also put herself a lot of pressure and work, because instead of promoting one or two singles illustrating a new album, five singles were released here: “Runaway”, “Demons”, “L.O.V.E. Me”, “I Wish” and thus “She” that you can discover below.

“The song is called “She”, and my producers Pat and Dave actually gave me this Christmas gift that says “She”, and I was like ‘Oh my gosh this is so perfect’. It’s this Kate Spade book, and I’m like opening it, going through it, and then the opening quote is by Deborah Lloyd, and she says this quote, and I’m like ‘oh my gosh this is why I made this song’. This is what the song means to me, this is why I did the music video."

The result is again a lovely song and a beautiful collection of singles that I hope you also enjoy listening to.

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