Poland Is Set To Lose Billions Of Euros Over Discriminatory Laws

EU sanctions against Poland because of discriminatory laws.

Poland finds itself in a challenging position, with the European Union warning to slash its budget due to laws deemed discriminatory.

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Methodist Church Allows Same-Sex Marriage In ‘Momentous’ Vote

The church leaders of the Methodist Church vote on same-sex weddings.

In a significant move towards marriage equality, the Methodist Church has recently approved same-sex marriages. This decision brings a sense of progress and triumph for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Hungary’s Parliament Prohibits Discussion of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Hungary anti-LGBTQ law to ban discussions on same-sex couples and LGBTQ issues.

The Hungarian Parliament has passed a bill that bans discussions on gender identity and sexual orientation.

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Lithuanian Parliament Rejects Civil Union Bill For LGBTQ Couples

Lithuania parlement rejected the civil unions bill for same-sex couples.

Progress and change are on the horizon in Lithuania!

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Legalization of Marriage Equality Looks Difficult in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic could legalize marriage equality soon.

Since 2006, the Czech Republic has only offered civil unions for same-sex couples. However, a bill has recently been introduced in the House with the aim of legalizing marriage equality in the country.

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Krasnik Suffers Consequences Of The “Free Of LGBTQ” Resolution

Krasnik faces consequences due to the

Discover the shocking consequences of Poland's "LGBTQ-free zones" in this eye-opening account of Mayor Wojciech Wilk's experience.

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Towards A Referendum On Equal Marriage In Switzerland

Switzerland to host a referendum on marriage equality.

In December of last year, Switzerland achieved a milestone by legalizing marriage equality, joining the ranks of 29 nations worldwide. However, in Switzerland, legislative decisions, including this one, can still face the possibility of being overturned through a referendum.

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European Parliament Declares EU An “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone”

European Union is now an LGBTIQ freedom zone.

From "LGBTQ-free zones" to an "LGBTQ freedom zone" - Europe's battle for LGBTQ rights has taken center stage. Let's delve into the recent developments shaping this pivotal journey.

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France: Senate Rejects Opening Insemination To All Women

French Senate rejected insemination for all women.

French bioethics law was up for revision, with a crucial amendment that would allow insemination for all women, regardless of their sexual orientation or relationship status. The country's senators were tasked with considering this pivotal amendment.

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Queer MP Makes Motion To Ban “Conversion Therapies” In The Netherlands

Queer MP Vera Bergkamp presented a motion to ban

Vera Bergkamp, the former president of the Dutch LGBTQ rights organization, COC Netherland, who became a member of the Democrats 66 (D66) elected in the House of Representatives in 2012, introduced a motion to ban “conversion therapies” in the country.

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Romania's Supreme Court Overturns The Ban On Gender Identity Studies

Romania's constitutional court overturns the ban on gender identity studies.

In an unexpected move, the Constitutional Court of Romania overturned the prohibition on gender identity studies, deeming it as unconstitutional.

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Switzerland Became The 29th Country To Legalize Marriage Equality

Switzerland approved marriage equality.

It appeared that the law to legalize marriage equality in Switzerland was unstoppable prior to the holidays, and this has been confirmed.

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France May Soon Prohibit “Conversion Therapies”

France could ban

France might be on the brink of a significant advancement in LGBTQ safeguards.

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The Fight Against Transphobia Spreads In Scotland

Open letter calls on Scotland to address transphobia in politics.

Taking a stand against discrimination, over 700 voices unite for a cause – to combat transphobia in the political sphere.

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Hungary Is Getting Ready To Prohibit Adoption By LGBTQ People

Hungary to pass new anti-LGBTQ laws.

LGBTQ rights in Hungary are under threat. Hungary is considering further legal measures that would severely restrict the rights of its LGBTQ+ community. It is likely that such policies will severely restrict the basic freedoms of those living in the country - which could have devastating consequences for their daily lives.

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Nondiscrimination Bill Passes Important First Step In Italy

Italy House approved the nondiscrimination bill to protect LGBTQ people.

The initial phase of the nondiscrimination bill to protect the LGBTQ+ community in Italy has been triumphantly approved.

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The European Commission Presents Its Plan For LGBTQ Rights

The strategy of the European Commission to protect LGBTQ people.

We have gained insights into the European Commission's proposed plan for advancing LGBTQ rights.

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82% Of Swiss Support Legalization Of Marriage Equality

New poll shows 82% of Swiss support marriage equality.

A recent poll reveals strong voter support for the legalization of marriage equality in Switzerland.

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What Your Religion Says About LGBTQ People

Some religions may preach tolerance while others can be downright hostile towards us. So what does your religion say about LGBTQ people and their rights?

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What's On In Wales For LGBTQ Rights

There are a lot of things happening in Wales that focus on LGBTQ rights. This list has been compiled to show how LGBTQ rights advance in Wales.

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