Wednesday, 18 March 2020 04:15

Governor Tim Walz Calls On Senators To Prohibit “Conversion Therapy”

governor tim walz conversion therapy

Governor Tim Walz and LGBTQ groups are trying to ban “conversion therapy” to protect Minnesota minors.

“The idea that this absolutely discredited, Byzantine, torturous way of telling our children they are not who they are has got to end and will end,” Walz said.

The bill passed the House last year, so it started pretty well, but the House is Democratic, unlike the Senate.

A first attempt failed in the Senate following House approval.

The bill’s sponsor, Senator Scott Dibble, has stated that “a number” of Republican Senators are likely to vote yes.

“We’re working together on finding a path to get to yes,” he said.

The Senate majority is Republican by only three votes, but we’re still in limbo. It’s not going to be easy.

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s capital, approved a “conversion therapy” ban last November, bringing hope to the community.

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