“Make Up”, A Powerful And Intriguing Movie On Self-Exploration

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Ready for a night of suspense, drama, and riveting psychosexual tension? Then it's time to make up your mind and watch Claire Oakley's debut feature film!

A Dream Unveiled: Claire Oakley's Lesbian Odyssey With "Make Up"

"Make Up" started as a short film idea by lesbian director and writer Claire Oakley. She based it on a dream about “a girl, following another girl, through some streets in a foreign town.” At the time, Oakley was married to a man and not openly out.

One day, during a writing session, someone commented, "Oh, so you’re a lesbian, then...," which struck a chord with Oakley years later. This realization helped Oakley understand that the girl in the story follows the other girl because of an attraction.

And since then, Oakley has embraced her sexual orientation. She is now married to a woman, adding her name to the roster of inspiring lesbian directors we're excited to follow.

Now, let's explore the story of "Make Up."

Delving Into Attraction And Intrigue

Quiet teenager Ruth settles into life with her boyfriend Tom at a secluded holiday park.

Discovering a smudged lipstick mark on Tom's mirror and a strand of red hair on his T-shirt, a feeling of discomfort seeps into their caravan. Opting not to address the finding with Tom directly, Ruth sets out to uncover the identity of the enigmatic red-haired girl.

As she begins working alongside the self-assured and lively Jade, Ruth's developing fascination deepens due to Jade's striking scarlet nails and the subtle touch of red in her hair. Although Ruth attempts to quell her concerns, the unsettling suspicions start to fuel an obsession, putting her relationship with Tom in jeopardy.

As a rift grows between them, Ruth experiences a mix of curiosity and apprehension about getting closer to Jade. Unbeknownst to her, something beyond mere jealousy might be haunting her...

Meet The Cast

  • Molly Windsor as Ruth
  • Joseph Quinn as Tom
  • Stefanie Martini as Jade

The Result Is Bluffing

Often the transition to feature film format is the critical moment that determines a director’s career. Either it works and promises great movies to come, or it didn’t.

Here, Claire Oakley not only takes us into the story, but she does it with mastery. It doesn’t feel like her first feature film at all.

"Make Up" is an intense exploration of coming of age in an isolated holiday park in Cornwall. The movie follows Ruth (Molly Windsor) as she navigates danger and secrets that will forever change her life. With its bold originality and eerily captivating atmosphere, this lesbian movie will have you glued to the edge of your seat.

Watch as Ruth goes on a journey of self-discovery, grappling with themes such as identity and belonging in the LGBTQ+ community along the way. It's sure to become a classic in the genre-bending coming-of-age category. So grab some popcorn and get ready to experience "Make Up," you won't be disappointed!

The Trailer

The atmosphere of this coming-of-age drama is pretty dense, almost like in thrillers, or even horror movies, related to the fear of self-discovery.

It is captivating to see intriguing because you never know what is going to happen. There is a huge suspense.

Watch the trailer:

The Anecdote From Filming “Make Up”

“Make Up” is an independent film that was quite fun to shoot in the UK.

“When we were shooting the sex scenes, I was like: God, I really hope they [the people who run the park] don’t walk in because they’re going to think we’re making a porno, and we’re going to get chucked out,” Oakley laughs.

Where To Watch “Make Up”?

“Make Up” is available on Prime Video at amazon.com/Make-Up-Molly-Windsor and Apple TV at tv.apple.com/us/movie/make-up.

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