Thousands Of Runners Participated In The LGBT Pride Run Marathon

The 40th LGBT Pride run was a success.

The 40th annual LGBT Pride Run proved to be a spectacular event celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

What’s The LGBT Pride Run All About?

The LGBT Pride Run is an annual fun run in New York to raise money for a beneficiary.

The first LGBT Pride Run in 1982.

The 1st Annual LGBT Pride Run was held 40 years ago on June 26, 1982. 40 years later, participants are still coming out to run.

The 2021 LGBT Pride Run

Last weekend, Front Runner New York (FRNY) and New York Road Runners (NYRR), a social running club and a non-profit running organization, hosted the 40th LGBT Pride Run in Manhattan all around Central Park with 4,229 runners.

A free virtual run occurred the same day in celebration of LGBTQ+ athletes and friends from all over the world who couldn’t attend.

A Portion Of The Proceeds Is Donated

Since 1981, a portion of the proceeds has gone towards a beneficiary or organization that supports the LGBTQ community.

This year, they donated a portion of the 40th LGBT Pride Run proceeds to New Alternatives, a non-profit focused on helping LGBTQ homeless youth transition out of the shelter system and into stable adult lives.

NYRR LGBT Pride run 2021 in Central Park, New York.

This year again, the 40th Pride Run was a huge success. With 4,229 participants on Saturday morning, people of all shapes and sizes ran to show their pride in who they are. The event has become such an iconic tradition that it is set to continue for many years into the future!

Top photo: courtesy of New York Road Runners

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