Out Actress Devery Jacobs Is Back In “Reservation Dogs” Season 2

Reservation Dogs season 2.

Devery Jacobs is back in Season 2 of “Reservation Dogs” and this time, things are getting a little more complicated for her character. In the new season, you’ll see Elora struggling to balance the life she knows on the reservation with the outside world, which offers opportunities but also comes with its own set of challenges. For Elora, it’s a chance to explore her identity and figure out who she wants to be. It’s an exciting season, and I can’t wait to see what Devery Jacobs does with the role.

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Watch The First Teaser For “Warrior Nun” Season 2 Now

Teaser trailer introduces Warrior Nun season 2.

Fresh off the press, Netflix has unveiled an exciting sneak peek for the upcoming second season of "Warrior Nun" during the Netflix Geeked Week event.

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Get A Sneak Peak At The Third And Final Season Of “Star Trek: Picard”

Star Trek: Picard third and final season.

Get ready for an enthralling interstellar journey with the new season of "Star Trek: Picard"!

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“Paper Girls”: A New Series With Two Lesbian Main Characters

Paper Girls season 1 is now on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Studios has just launched a brand new teen sci-fi drama series called “Paper Girls.” The show is set in the 1980s and follows a group of teenage girls who end up in the future. While this TV show is like “Stranger Things” in many ways, it also has its own unique strengths. "Paper Girls" has been praised for its strong female characters and its depiction of teenage girl friendships. It also features a diverse cast, including several queer characters, as you are about to see below.

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The “Rebelde” Reboot Is Finally Back For A Second Season!

Rebelde season 2.

The second season of the “Rebelde” reboot is finally here, and fans could not be more excited!

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Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy Are Back For A New Season!

Harley Quinn season 3.

Fans of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are in for a treat in season 3. After a successful season 2, the two vigilante besties are gearing up for an even more action-packed season, full of twists and turns.

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Meet A New Generation Of Queer People In The “Queer As Folk” Reboot

Introducing the Queer as Folk reboot.

Discover the "Queer as Folk" reboot, an American spin-off addressing contemporary LGBTQ+ issues, set in New Orleans, Louisiana, and following a close group of friends navigating love and life.

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“Stranger Things” Season 5 Will Be The Final Chapter Of The Show

Announcing the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

It's official - the popular Netflix fantasy series, "Stranger Things," will end with its upcoming fifth season.

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The Final Season Of “See” Starts Soon (Trailer)

See season 3 release date and trailer.

Are you ready for the epic finale of "See"?

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See The Latest Projects Of Actress And Model Cara Delevingne

Bisexual genderfluid actress and model Cara Delevingne.

Cara Delevingne is a 29-year-old English bisexual genderfluid actress and model who has starred in films such as Paper Towns, Suicide Squad, and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She is also well known for her work as a fashion model. In this article, we will take a look at some of Cara's latest projects.

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The End Of Gentleman Jack: HBO Canceled The Show After Only Two Seasons

Anne Lister and Ann Walker in the Gentleman Jack series.

Regrettably, we received the disheartening news that HBO has decided not to proceed with a third season of "Gentleman Jack."

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Will “Motherland: Fort Salem” Really End After Only Three Seasons?

Will the Motherland: Fort Salem end be the final season of the show?

Will our favorite witches return to fight another day?

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“Only Murders In The Building” Season 2: Can Our Trio Solve Another Murder?

Only Murders In The Building season 2 starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short.

Dive into a riveting and hilarious mystery as "Only Murders in the Building" returns with an exciting second season!

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Sapphic Character Leads The Way In Latest HBO Mini-Series, “Irma Vep”

New mini-series Irma Vep.

From the creative mind of the acclaimed French filmmaker Olivier Assayas comes the captivating mini-series "Irma Vep." Based on his 1996 film of the same name, this show stars Alicia Vikander in a mesmerizing sapphic lead role that promises to leave you spellbound.

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Get Ready For The Third And Final Season Of “Motherland: Fort Salem”

Motherland: Fort Salem season 3.

Finally, the long-awaited season 3 of “Motherland: Fort Salem” is about to begin!

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Don’t Miss The Third And Final Season Of “Love, Victor”

Introducing Love, Victor season 3.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since the first season of “Love, Victor” aired on Hulu. The series quickly became a fan favorite, thanks to its engaging characters, heartwarming storylines, and important messages about identity, family, friendship, and love. While I’m sad to see the series end, I’m also excited to see how Victor’s story will end, and how Lake and Lucy’s relationship will continue. So without further ado, here’s everything I know about “Love, Victor” season 3!

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“First Day” Season 2 - Hannah Stand Up For What’s Right

Introducing mini tv series

Get to be inspired once again as the hit series "First Day" returns for its second season!

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Get Excited About “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” The New Star Wars Series Coming Soon!

News about The Acolyte upcoming series.

Buckle up, Star Wars enthusiasts! A new adventure awaits us in the cosmos with the highly anticipated series, "Star Wars: The Acolyte."

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Watch The Trailer For “First Kill,” The New Vampire Drama Series

Teen vampire drama First Kill release on Netflix.

If you’re looking for a new vampire drama series to sink your teeth into, “First Kill” is shaping up to be the one you won’t want to miss. The trailer looks absolutely amazing, and it looks like it has all the elements that make a great vampire series: action, suspense, and lots of romance. I’m really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out, and I think you will be too. So mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting new series that promises to be worth watching.

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“Conversations With Friends” Is Coming To Hulu And BBC Three

New series Conversations with Friends to stream on Hulu and BBC Three.

2020 was a big year for Sally Rooney. Not only did her novel “Normal People” get adapted for television, but it also became one of the most talked-about shows of the year. The show’s success has catapulted Rooney to the top of the best-seller list and made her one of the most in-demand authors of today.

After the success of her novel “Normal People,” it is now the turn of Sally Rooney’s debut novel “Conversations With Friends” to be adapted into a 12-episode miniseries produced by Element Pictures for BBC Three and Hulu.

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