Kean University Now Hosts Lavender Graduations To Honor LGBTQ Students

The 2021 Kean University's lavender graduation.

Kean University in New Jersey recently held its first Lavender Graduation this year, an event to honor LGBTQ graduates on campus.

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41 Major Corporations Affirm Opposition to 4 Anti-LGBTQ Bills Introduced in Texas

Corporations oppose Texas anti-LGBTQ bills.

Texas lawmakers have recently enacted legislation that has significant implications for the LGBTQ+ community.

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Tennessee Approves Bill That Will Allow Parents To Remove Their Children From LGBTQ Curriculum

Tennessee bill for parents on the LGBTQ curriculum.

Following their March decision to restrict trans children's participation in sports teams aligning with their true gender, Tennessee lawmakers have once more given the green light to another anti-LGBTQ bill.

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Thirty-Three LGBTQ Students Launch Battle Against Religious Exemption That Allows Schools To Discriminate Against Them

LGBTQ students battle religious exemption.

Thirty-three American LGBTQ students, or former students, are suing the Department of Education.

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Comprehensive Set Of Anti-LGBTQ Laws Introduced In Arkansas

Arkansas set of anti-LGBTQ bills.

In the heart of the United States, a battle for transgender rights is raging, and the state of Arkansas finds itself at the epicenter of this crucial struggle.

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North Carolina: Four Pro-LGBTQ Bills VS Two Anti-LGBTQ Bills

North Carolina set of pro-LGBTQ bills.

As the storm of anti-LGBTQ legislation sweeps through Arkansas, a ray of hope emerges in North Carolina, where legislators and Equality NC unveil four pro-LGBTQ bills, igniting a beacon of progress.

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U.S. Senate Confirms Dr. Rachel Levine

U.S. Senate confirmed Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Shattering boundaries and etching her name in history, Dr. Rachel Levine's approval as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services marks a groundbreaking accomplishment for transgender representation in government.

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Laurie Pohutsky's Bill To Ban LGBTQ Discrimination In Michigan

Laurie Pohutsky's bill to protect LGBTQ people against discrimination in Michigan.

A wind of change is blowing in Michigan for LGBTQ rights: new legislation may soon offer enhanced protection against discrimination.

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Transgender Children Try To Stop Missouri’s Anti-Trans Bill

Transgender children testify to stop anti-transbill in Missouri.

As the fight for LGBTQ+ rights gains momentum, the United States progresses towards greater inclusivity, a concerning rollback of transgender rights and freedoms is taking place across several states, putting the very future of LGBTQ+ equality in the country at risk.

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Let's Remove Virginia’s Constitutional Ban On Equal Marriage

Initiative to abolish marriage equality ban in Virginia's consitution.

As Virginia grapples with a longstanding constitutional amendment that once prohibited same-sex marriage, it's worth noting that this amendment, though no longer enforced following the U.S. Supreme Court's 2015 decision, remains on the books. Now, as a bill seeks to erase this relic of discrimination from the state's constitution, the road to approval appears uncertain, especially in the midst of impending elections.

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Greensboro, Durham, And Orange County Approve Nondiscrimination Orders

Durham, Greensboro, and Orange County passed nondiscrimination ordinances to protect LGBTQ people in North Carolina.

We had seen that the moratorium that prevented the passage of nondiscrimination legislation in North Carolina ended on December 1, 2021, and we had seen that Hillsborough, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill had decided to protect LGBTQ people by immediately passing ordinances to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

I have more good news today as two new and significant cities, Greensboro and Durham, which are among the largest cities in the state, and Orange County have passed similar ordinances.

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Indianapolis Supports Bill To Ban “Conversion Therapies”

Indianapolis support the

Democratic and openly gay Senator J.D. Ford introduced a bill to ban “conversion therapies” to minors under the age of 18 in Indiana.

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A Bill To Ban “Conversion Therapies” Has Been Introduced In Indiana

Bill to ban

The General Assembly had retooled the bill to ban "conversion therapies" in 2019, but now it is back.

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Montana To Address Two Anti-Trans Bills

Two anti-trans bills were introduced in Montana House of Representatives.

As much as we can be pleased with the Biden administration’s position on transgender rights, the number of anti-trans bills continues to grow.

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Biden Repealed Ban Against Trans People Serving In The Army

President Joe Biden repealed the trans military ban again.

After issuing an order titled “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ people, and after appointing a trans woman as Assistant to the Minister of Health, President Joe Biden rescinded the ban that prevented trans people from serving in the military.

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North Carolina: Three Cities Adopt Nondiscrimination Orders

Hillsborough, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill ban LGBTQ nondiscrimination laws.

On December 1, 2020, the moratorium on nondiscrimination orders expired in North Carolina and people were wondering what the hell was going to happen, but today, I have three good news.

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The Most Pro-LGBTQ Order Ever Issued By A U.S. President

President Joe Biden signed a nondiscrimination order to protect LGBTQ people.

President Joe Biden has taken a significant step by signing an executive order aimed at safeguarding LGBTQ individuals from discrimination.

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Rachel Levine, The First Trans Assistant Health Secretary

Rachel Levine became the first trans assistant health secretary in the United-States.

With Joe Biden taking office, the LGBTQ+ community received a wave of positivity after enduring four long years of the Trump administration.

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New York Single-Occupancy Bathrooms Must Now Be Gender-Neutral

New York single-occupancy bathrooms to all be gender-neutral.

In New York state, a proposed bill sought to ensure that single-occupancy bathrooms are accessible to everyone, regardless of gender.

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Michele Rayner Wants To Repeal Florida’s Equal Marriage Ban

Michele Rayner wants to repeal Florida's marriage equality ban.

Michele Rayner, a Democratic representative hailing from St. Petersburg and the sole lesbian member in the Florida legislature, is gearing up to fight for marriage equality.

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