West Hollywood To Update LGBTQ+ Crosswalks And Add A Trans One

West Hollywood to add black and brown stripes to LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

The city of West Hollywood, California is planning to enhance the inclusiveness of several LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

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Lesbian Officer Was Recognized For Her Bravery In Christmas Bombing

Lesbian officer Amanda Topping was a hero¨during Christmas bombing.

You might already be familiar with the shocking news of the bomb detonation in Nashville, Tennessee, that took place on Christmas Day. Amidst that chaos, there was a beacon of bravery - a lesbian officer who displayed remarkable heroism on that fateful day.

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The Nondiscrimination Rules Has Come To An End In North Carolina

The nondiscrimination ban expired in North Carolina.

Anticipation grows as we await the unfolding events in North Carolina, following the expiration of the state's ban on cities penalizing local businesses for LGBTQ discrimination.

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Karine Jean-Pierre Appointed Chief Of Staff To Vice President Harris

Black lesbian woman Karine Jean Pierre was appointed Chief of Staff to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Karine Jean-Pierre took over as Chief of Staff for Vice President Kamala Harris after President Joe Biden was declared the 46th President of the United States.

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Becca Balint Is The President Pro Tempore Of The Vermont Senate

Becca Balint was appointed President pro tempore of Vermont senate.

Senator Becca Balint, who openly identifies as a lesbian, has assumed a pivotal role within Vermont's legislative body.

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What's Happening For LGBTQ Rights In Nebraska

Nebraska is a state that we don't often hear much about. It's not because there isn't anything going on in Nebraska, but rather because the media doesn't talk much about it. But what is happening for LGBTQ rights in Nebraska? Why should you care? Read below to find out more!

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LGBTQ Rights In The Cherokee Nation: A Quick Guide

Native American culture is diverse and rich with heritage. This blog post will explore the history of LGBTQ rights in the Cherokee Nation, touch on traditional values and beliefs, and provide a few resources for those seeking more information.

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Nevada Now Recognizes Marriage Equality In Its Constitution

Nevada voters said yes to marriage equality in the constitution.

While the U.S. presidential election held us in suspense for a week, another significant question loomed: whether Nevada voters would embrace the recognition of marriage equality in their state's constitution.

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Texas Allows Social Workers To Discriminate Against LGBTQ People

Texas allows social workers to discriminate the LGBTQ people.

Recent developments from Texas have delivered troubling news: new policies allowing discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals have emerged.

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Austin Quinn-Davidson Becomes Anchorage’s First Lesbian Mayor

Austin Quinn-Davidson became the first lesbian mayor in Anchorage after the mayoral election.

History was made in Anchorage as the former Mayor resigned and was replaced by an openly lesbian woman.

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LGBTQ Rights in Tennessee: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality

Tennessee is a state that has been known for its conservative and close-minded ways, but over the years we have seen changes in the attitudes of many Tennesseans. Today I'm going to give you an overview of some key moments in the fight for LGBTQ rights in Tennessee.

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Fair And Equal Michigan Sent Nondiscrimination Bill To The Ballot

Fair and Equal Michigan has submitted the necessary signatures to send the nondiscrimination bill to the vote.

Big news for the LGBTQ+ community in Michigan!

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The Fight For LGBTQ Rights In Louisiana

LGBTQ rights in Louisiana.

Louisiana is one of the most conservative states in the country, so it's no surprise that they are fighting hard against LGBTQ rights. However, there are many people who have been working tirelessly to change this for years. This blog post will cover what has happened recently!

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An Initiative To Repeal Nevada’s Marriage Equality Constitutional Ban

Intiative to overturn the marriage equality ban in the Nevada constitution.

The prohibition of marriage equality still exists in the Nevada constitution, and there is now an initiative to seek a statewide vote for its repeal. Isn't it time to finally remove it for good?

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Kansas Extends Protections Against Discrimination To LGBTQ People

Kansas Human Rights Commission extended protections for LGBTQ people.

The US Supreme Court's stance against LGBTQ worker discrimination is making waves nationwide, leading to advancements in LGBTQ protections in Kansas.

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Democrats Make Great Promises To LGBTQ+ People In Their 2020 Platform

The 2020 democratic party platform.

The 2020 Democratic party platform is still pro-LGBTQ. This time, in addition to the references made in the text, there are whole paragraphs dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues.

Most importantly, Platform 2020 opposes Trump's anti-LGBTQ policies.

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LGBTQ History Curriculum To Be Taught In Illinois Public Schools!

illinois lgbtq history curriculum

The law that mandates the inclusion of LGBTQ history in public education curriculum was officially enacted in Illinois on July 1st, 2020.

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LGBTQ Rights In North Carolina

North Carolina is a state that has made some big changes in recent years. In 2012, they enacted House Bill 2 which was widely known as "the bathroom bill" because it restricted trans people from using public bathrooms according to their gender identity. Now, North Carolina is making progress towards more equality for LGBTQ people.

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LGBTQ Rights In Arkansas

The LGBTQ community in Arkansas has been fighting a long battle for their rights. We have faced many challenges and barriers to overcome, but we are not giving up. This page highlights the progress made as well as the new challenges.

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Everything You Need To Know About LGBTQ Rights In California

LGBTQ rights in California.

California is a trendsetter in LGBTQ rights and has some of the most progressive policies in the country! The purpose of this article is to educate readers on the progressive policies and initiatives that the state has implemented in order to protect LGBTQ rights in California.

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