The Last Of Us Is Back With A Part 2 Just As Queer As The First One!

the last of us part 2 queer romance

Released in 2013 by Naughty Dog and regularly described as a masterpiece, The Last Of Us is an action game that has revolutionized video games with its exceptional LGBTQ+ representation.

Good news! An equally queer second part has just been released!

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What Were The Storylines For Wynonna Earp Season 5?

The storylines for Wynnona Earp season 5 planned by showrunner Emily Andras.

Brace yourself, Earpers! The rollercoaster ride of "Wynonna Earp" might not be over yet.

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Season 3 of Marvel’s Runaways Will Be The Final One

marvel runaways season 3

Inspired by Marvel’s comic series of the same name, “Runaways” tells the story of 6 teenagers who unite to face their bad parents.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Release Date Finally Revealed

The Handmaid s Tale season 4 premiere date on Hulu.

Hulu has finally revealed the highly anticipated premiere date for the fourth season of "The handmaid's Tale"!

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Watch Queer Coming Of Age Comedy: “Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls”

Erin's Guide To Kissing Girls movie poster.

Looking for a funny, touching, and inspiring film about lesbian love? Look no further. “Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls” is perfect!

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Rumor: Disney+ Could Release A Lesbian Star Wars Series!

Disney lesbian star wars series

This year, Disney was one of the worst networks for LGBTQ representation, but that may be about to change. A rumor indicates that Disney+ may launch a series with a lesbian main character.

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Jessica Swale Puts Lesbian Character At The Heart Of “Summerland”

Lesbian mvoie Summerland starring Gemma Arterton.

Jessica Swale is a director who’s been working on short films until now. She started directing and writing her first feature film after a first major success, a play about Restoration actress and royal mistress Nell Gwynn entitled “Nell Gwynn”.

But she needed to surround herself with a talented team to increase her chances of success.

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Dive Into Chaos: Unveiling The LGBTQ+ Storylines Of "Class Of '07"

Class Of '07 season 1 poster.

"Class Of '07" invites you to dive into its crazy world, where a reunion evening in an all-girls high school swiftly turns into chaos. 

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“Never Have I Ever” Will Return Soon For A Season 3

Cast members of coming of age comedy Never Have I Ever.

The well-loved Netflix comedy "Never Have I Ever" has officially been granted a third season! With the renewal announced in August 2021, you can eagerly anticipate the return of your favorite characters next year.

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Why LGBTQ+ TV Show “Prisma” Season 1 Should Be Your Next Big Thing

Poster of the Prisma series season 1 starring Mattia Carrano.

“Prisma” is an exciting brand-new TV series that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community by exploring relationships and identity. Don’t miss your chance to watch “Prisma”!

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Netflix Series “Summertime” Coming Back Soon For A Season 2

Netflix series Summertime is back for season 2.

As summer approaches, we eagerly await the return of "Summertime" season 2. The Italian series provided a much-needed escape during last year's lockdown, and now you can look forward to a refreshing new season.

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“One Four Three” Is Jade Winters’ Feature Directorial Debut

Lesbian movie

Get ready for an incredibly unique and fascinating lesbian love story set to hit the big screen!

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Watch The First Trailer Of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4

Watch the first teaser of The Handmaid's Tale season 4.

Dive into the gripping world of "The Handmaid's Tale" as we gear up to uncover the twists and turns awaiting us in season 4.

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Queer Twists: Sapphic Storylines In “Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies”

Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies season 1 poster.

Discover the new era of Grease with “Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies,” a refreshing prequel series that takes you back to the 1950s. Follow the story of four marginalized friends who challenge the social norms of their school and uncover an intriguing sapphic twist in this bold adaptation of the beloved franchise. Don’t miss the chance to meet the Pink Ladies and enjoy a unique experience in this iconic universe!

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"Heartstopper" Season 2: Embracing More LGBTQ+ Representation

Heartstopper season 2 poster.

"Heartstopper" season 2 is coming to Netflix, offering a long-awaited continuation of the adorable love story between Nick and Charlie, which has captured our hearts. 

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Hour's Journey: Embracing Lesbian Love And Identity In "Class Of '09"

Hour kissing Poet on the cheek in Class of '09 series.

In the captivating world of technology, artificial intelligence has become an enthralling reality, already leaving a profound impact on education and creativity. FX's series "Class of '09" ventures into how AI could influence our criminal justice system. Featuring intertwined timelines, skilled performances by actors like Kate Mara and Brian Tyree Henry, and a compelling lesbian character, this intriguing plot promises to capture your attention from the outset. 

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LGBTQ+ Characters Shine Again In “The Legend Of Vox Machina” Season 2!

The Legend Of Vox Machina season 2 poster.

Fans of "The Legend Of Vox Machina" will definitely want to check out the upcoming episodes of the series!

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"The Power": A Look At Queer Representation In The New Sci-Fi Series

The Power season 1 poster.

For those who have been eagerly waiting for it, the highly anticipated science-fiction series adaptation of Naomi Alderman's captivating novel "The Power" is finally here!  With a stellar cast that includes queer actress Auli'i Cravalho and an all-female directing team that adds authenticity and depth to the production, the show is a breathtak...

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There’s A New Lesbian Sheriff In Town!

Orange Is The New Black star Uzo Aduba to play a lesbian sheriff in CBS series Low Country.

This time around, the law enforcement world is about to see a revolution with the arrival of a new sheriff - a strong and confident lesbian officer!

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LGBTQ On Screen: Analyzing GLAAD's "Where We Are On TV" 2022-23 Report

GLAAD's Where We Are On TV 2022-23 Report cover.

The LGBTQ+ community has been making strides in recent years when it comes to representation on television. However, the latest report from GLAAD shows that they still have a long way to go. 

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