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Watch Anne+ Season 2 On Amazon Prime Video Now! (This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For)

The English version of Anne+ series 2 is now available online in VOD.

Anne+ is a Dutch web series that follows the life of Anne, a young lesbian woman living in Amsterdam. The first season of the series was a huge success, and now the second season is finally available to stream in English.

Anne and Esther.

What’s The Story Of “Anne+”?

The show is about a 24-year-old queer girl, Anne, played by actress Hanna van Vliet, who delves through her memories at the University of Amsterdam and her past relationships after moving into her own apartment.

Anne+ new episodes are now available online.

In Season 1

In Anne+ season 1, we meet Anne’s exes who marked her life, whether Janna, Esther, or Sophie. There are those who counted and those who counted a little less. The first season has six episodes that show how relationships have shaped the person Anne has become.

Anne and Janna, the new girl she's dating.

In Season 2

In Anne+ season 2, Anne still doesn’t know exactly what she wants and stumbles through life. It is good, but there are still have life problems to deal with. Surrounded by her good friends, she tries to find her way and learns to accept that not everything turns out as she once thought it would.

Anne starts falling in love with Sara in new episodes.

Watch Season 1 And 2 Online?

You’ve been waiting for the release of “Anne+” season 2 in English. Now it’s here! Stream season 1 and season 2 now on your device, and enjoy every episode of this groundbreaking web series, as it’s now available on Amazon Prime Video with a Topic subscription at $4.99/month (7-day of free trial).

Here’s the link:

Anne and her ex-girlfriend Lily.

Season 2 Trailer

What Do We Think?

As a lesbian, I can say that this show is exciting and entertaining to watch. If you’re a fan of lesbian drama, love, and friendship… this show is for you!

Is her ex girlfriend Lily just a friend?

What’s Next?

The success of the show is evident. I already know we can expect more, even if I don’t know all the details yet, but I will say this: the creators have already seeded some elements about an Anne+ feature film we can expect to see by the end of the year.

Anne+ feature film.

Anne+ feature film will be released in cinemas throughout the Netherlands and worldwide on streaming platforms at the end of September! Stay Tuned!

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