"And Just Like That..." Season 2 Exciting Plot Teasers And Surprises

"And Just Like That..." season 2 poster.

Fashion, friendship, and fabulousness are back as "And Just Like That..." returns for a second season.

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Exploring The LGBTQ+ Storylines Of "Never Have I Ever" Season 4

Never Have I Ever fourth season poster.

Are you ready for one last ride with Devi and her friends? 

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LGBTQ+ All-Star Cast: Season 2 Surprises For “Human Resources”

Poster for Human Resources season 2.

The second season of "Human Resources" is finally here, ready to make you laugh out loud and marvel at the chaos that's about to unfold!  Dive with us into the world of Hormone Monsters, Depression Kitties, Shame Wizards, and Love Bugs. But savor every moment because this season will also mark the end of the adult animated comedy. A Daring Spi...

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The Ultimatum: Queer Love - A Captivating Journey Of Love And Dilemmas

The Ultimatum: Queer Love poster.

Get ready to dive into a captivating world where love and dilemmas are the keywords.

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“We Baby Bears” Boosts Inclusivity: LGBTQ+ Portrayal In New Episodes

Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear flying on a star.

The adventures of Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are back in full force!

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Queer Twists: Sapphic Storylines In “Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies”

Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies season 1 poster.

Discover the new era of Grease with “Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies,” a refreshing prequel series that takes you back to the 1950s. Follow the story of four marginalized friends who challenge the social norms of their school and uncover an intriguing sapphic twist in this bold adaptation of the beloved franchise. Don’t miss the chance to meet the Pink Ladies and enjoy a unique experience in this iconic universe!

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“The Owl House”: Celebrating The Final Of A Pioneering Animated Series

Luz kissing Amity in The Owl House series finale.

With much sadness, the final episode of season 3 of “The Owl House” has finally been released, marking the end of this sapphic animated series that has captivated millions of fans around the world. But fear not, for we bring you a detailed synopsis of the final episode, complete with its review and a reminder of where to watch the entire series.

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"Terra e Paixão": New Brazilian Series Features LGBTQ+ Characters

Terra e Paixão season 1 poster.

Love, greed, and justice combine in "Terra e Paixão," the latest dramatic series that promises to capture your attention from the very first second.

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“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” Features Out Actress Golda Rosheuvel

Golda Rosheuvel in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. 

Exciting news for Bridgerton fans! “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” the highly anticipated prequel to the hit series is about to be released, and early reviews are all in agreement: this new version is steamier than ever!

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“Welcome To Eden” Season 2: What’s Next For The LGBTQ+ Characters?

Bienvenidos A Edén (Welcome To Eden) season 2 poster.

If you’re a fan of the intense Spanish drama "Welcome To Eden," you’re probably excited about the next season.

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“From” Season 2: LGBTQ+ Characters Ready For More Horror!

From season 1 poster.

Do you want to be immersed in a mysterious world full of horror and suspense?

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Get Ready For More Drama With “Single Drunk Female” Season 2

Single Drunk Female season 2 poster.

Did you enjoy the first season of “Single Drunk Female,” the comedy series about Samantha, a young alcoholic woman, trying to get her life back on track? You’re not alone! The series was a huge hit with audiences and critics alike. And there’s good news: season 2 is about to begin! Here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter for Samantha and her friends.

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Tanzyn Crawford Shines In Mini-Series “Tiny Beautiful Things”

Out actress Tanzyn Crawford as Rae.

Looking for something to watch that will allow you to escape, inspire, and move you? Look no further than “Tiny Beautiful Things,” starring out actress Tanzyn Crawford.

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Unlocking The Queer Secrets Of “Yellowjackets” Season 2

Yellowjackets season 2 poster.

Ready for the thrilling continuation of young female soccer players' adventures in the Canadian mountains?

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“Bel-Air” Season 2 Deepens Lesbian Character With Tatyana Ali’s Return

 Akira Akbar in Bel-Air second season.

Attention “Bel-Air” fans, the highly anticipated second season of the hit series is finally here! The first two episodes are now exclusively available on Peacock and promise to deliver a captivating spectacle. So don’t miss out on the continuation of Will Smith’s adventures in “Bel-Air” season 2.

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“Triptych” (Triada): An Enigmatic Series Featuring A Sapphic Character

Netflix television show

Get ready to plunge into the mysterious, haunting world of the Netflix series “Triptych” (Triada), featuring Maite Perroni in the starring roles.

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“Snowfall” Season 6: It’s Time For The Grand Finale For Aunt Louie

Aunt Louie in Snowfall season 4.

Get ready to bid farewell to the world of “Snowfall” and six action-packed seasons of entertainment, as the grand finale is about to begin!

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Blake And Yang Finally Get Together In "RWBY" Volume 9!

RWBY season 9 poster.

After what felt like an eternity, the highly anticipated Volume 9 of the beloved animated series “RWBY” is finally coming out!

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“Walker: Independence” Features Two Women In An Unexpected Romance

Walker: Independence season 1 poster.

Get ready to embark on a brand-new Western and romantic journey with The CW’s prequel series “Walker: Independence”!

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“The Upshaws” Part 3: Wanda Sykes Ready To Take Strong Action!

The Upshaws season 3 poster.

The highly anticipated series “The Upshaws” returns for its third season with Mike Epps and the out-and-proud lesbian actress Wanda Sykes!

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